2015 first post

It’s been one year since my last post in this blog. I’ve been posting on my other blog. I promised to make this blog as a my blog to reviewed my make up and skincare products, but I change my mind. I decided this blog will mostly be about my life as a phd student, my struggling with my research life, my social life and maybe some romance.

this is my 3rd year living in Japan, what’s new for me in 2015?. well I find a new object of my affection, but I am not so sure about my feeling for him. He’s been filling my days since October 2014, but we started dating intensely from december. I am not so sure about him, I enjoy spending time with him, I am okay with his physical appearance too, but it just there is something about him that cannot make me fully trust him. well I decided to take a leap of faith, give him the benefit of the doubt and see how this one ends.

About my study, I hope I might be able to publish one paper this year. My HBV project still shows no progress and my sensei is considering to cancel this project. So far everything goes well with my study. we are expecting new student this April.

Anyway, I’ll try to write more stories about my life in this blog


Serum + Moisturizer is a must have items in your skincare routine

I’ve been faithfully using Dior cleansing water as make up remover, Dior snow cleansing foam, Diorsnow lotion, Estee Lauder ANR serum, Diorsnow anti spot serum, Estee Lauder Advance timezone cream(now using Revitalizing supreme) and estee lauder ANR II eye cream. I know that every each of them gave contribution to my healthy skin, but it cost me a lot of money. Now that I do not receive RA money from my professor anymore, I kinda short on money so i was thinking to minimize my skincare cost while still using the same brands. I tried using some drug store skincare but it broke me out and my skin became dull and lost its radiance.
So I did a little experiment with the three combo, tried to eliminate the non essential one. First the serum, since serum is the most expensive care amongst all. I use two serum ; ANR and diorsnow, I will not repurchased the diorsnow since now that dark spot is no longer my concern. so I tried combination with or without one of the three. I find out that serum and moisturizer is essential for your skin, you need to use both of them in order for its to give result, you can’t just use one of them. On the other hand I think that lotion is not necessary for me. I use lotion as a in between moisturizer after i cleansed my face and before i apply my night skincare routine. I find that my dior cleansing water is enough to keep my skin hydrated for 1-2 hours before i apply my night serum and cream.
Another product that I find to be essential is eye cream . You can’t skip eye cream. I ran out my ANR eye in september and I didn’t repurchase it again. My under eye area became dry, new fine lines appeared and the puffiness just ugly. So two weeks ago I purchased Clinique all bout eyes cream which cost only half of the ANR eye price, it restored the hydration in my under eye area. 
I’m gonna keep my dior cleansing water, ANR serum and estee lauder revitalizing supreme. Talk about revitalizing supreme, i find that this cream is very good, you can use it AM and PM and it last long because you only need a little for face and neck, I’l repurchase the clinique all about eyes once i hit the bottom. 

The story of me and my ipad

So last year’s spring I bought myself an ipad as a present for accepted as a phd student in Osaka University. The objectives of was for it’d make it easier for me to read scientific journal inside the lab or at the lounge. As usual I dressed my ipad in red ipad cover which I just realized it was really expensive back then (Damn, what was I thinking when I bought that ipad cover). it was functioned as it was meant to for a couple of weeks, LOL!!! Yes I only use it to read journal for a couple of weeks, after that i just print my journal and bring it to the lounge to read it.
If I don’t use it to read journal, then what did I use it for?. I use it to play games yes mobile games. and browsing mostly, since my laptop that I put in the office is my old one(it is very slow even for browsing). I find out that brwsing on ipad is very convenient than on iphone. bigger screen, easier tabs and faster.
6 months later I felt a little bit of regret with my ipad, since I only use it for browsing and playing games, which i can do all of that with my iphone. I pay quite a lot for the monthly service, almost at the same price of my iphone. I really hate my ipad at that time, I felt like cancelling it, but then I have to pay 50.000 yen if I want to cancel the contract. I even made a mental note that when the contract is over I will not extended it. Now I really enjoy my ipad, fully use it for journal reading, taking notes during meeting, and browsing. Though i should’ve just bought the wifi version since i rarely use it outside school and home.
Anyway I don’t regret that I applied for ipad. 

Dior Instant Cleansing Water

So It’raining outside, typhoon hits again. I was supposed to go to see fireworks but it is cancelled because of the typhoon. I decided to write a review about my new make up cleanser it is Christian Dior Instant Cleansing water.
Before I talk about this product let me rant about make up cleanser first. I had tried several type of make up cleanser from various brands. I am a two step cleaning person, so after make up remover I wash my face with face wash. I have a complicated skin type, my skin is very dry in winter with slightly oily in T-zone area and very oily in summer, I love milk/cream type make up remover it is soft but I don’t like that i have to use toner afterward because it takes away the moist from my skin. I tried oil type remover from Shu Uemura but it clogged my pores after several time of uses so I didn’t repurchase again. I tried Balm type too but I don’t like that I had to dip my finger into the jar. So I read about the this micellar cleansing water from several beauty blogs. There are so many brands but I remember biodherma being the famous one. I did not know where to find biodherma here in Japan(but now I know), I decided to jump on Dior, I read a pretty much good review about this instant cleansing water.
I love the packaging, frosted plastic bottle with pump and cap. The BA at the Dior counter told me to use 4 pumps on the cotton to wipe away all make up. It’s not enough for me. I need at least 2 cottons that means 8 pumps. It is say, it can remove waterproof make up, well it is but takes time. I tried on my Givenchy Noir couture waterproof mascara which is hard to remove, I used up 2 cottons alone to completely remove this mascara at first time. The trick for faster and efficiently remove water proof make up is to wet the eyelashes or eyelids(in case for water proof eyeliner) with the Micellar water. I pad and press the wet cotton softly on my eyes and leave it for a while(1-2 minutes) and pad and press again several times until it cleans.
I must say I love this Micellar water, it is soft and gentle to my skin and also hydrates it. My skin feel moist and it doesn’t become dry afterwards. Usually after removing my make up I need to put on some moisturizer/lotion otherwise my skin will be dry. But with this I can cook dinner and do other activities in the house without worries of dryness until I put on my night skincare routine before bed.
It is come in 200 ML  volume, it last for at least 2 months. Price is 4860 yen . I will definitely repurchase this cleanser again. I will use it until I find another good cleanser for my skin. I saw there is powder type of cleanser but I haven’t try it. Anyone tried the powder type? how was it?

Kobe fireworks 2014

It’s been a long time since i updated this blog. Been very busy recently, and plus i kinda very actively engage in tumblr. Anyway, in Japan summer means fireworks everywhere, yes you won’t even get fireworks during new year celebration in Japan which is weird for me because every part of the world has fireworks for new year eve.

Every perfecture in Japan has their annually fireworks show during summer, I’m a regular attendance for the biggest fireworks show in Kansai area which is held in yodogawa Osaka every summer. But this year i want to experience other show in other city too. My first was Kobe fireworks show, which was held in kobe harborland near kobe port. The crowds wasn’t big because i still can find a place even though i came very late like 6PM. That Things that doesn’t happen everytime i come to yodogawa festival.
Finding food is very difficult, actually my plan was to ate dinner at the seafood restaurant while enjoying the fireworks. But they blocked all access to the mosaic mall, so i ended up eating 300¥ karaage from the food stall.
The fireworks show began at 19.30 and ran for 1 hour. Well they started very dull with small fireworks and some with difference shape which i couldn’t recognize. It ididn’t get bigger as the show goes on, though there are some big blast in the sky. One of the funny thing i experienced was the japanese girls screaming ‘matte, matte'( means wait in english) because they hadn’t prepared their camera but the fireworks already explode, LOL!. Usually you would hear them say ‘ sugoii’ ‘ kireii’ .
I took picture but the quality wasn’t good since i only depends on my iphone 4S and my ipad 4th G. I have something better to share the video of the fireworks show.

A visit to Higashiyama kyoto, Hanatouro (花灯路) event

Yesterday I visited one of the famous お寺(temple) in Kyoto which is 清水寺(kiyomizudera). This is a Buddhist temple  and one of UNESCO world heritage. This temple is known for its large veranda where you can get to see the city of Kyoto from its veranda, you can even spot Kyoto Tower from here. But I was unlucky yesterday, because the pagoda and some of the veranda are still under-maintenance. The view is breathtakingly amazing from the veranda, it’d be more amazing in Autumn I think. the other bad luck that happened yesterday was the temperature. we are supposed to be entering the spring this month but yesterday night the  temperature is drop to 4 degree. I was freezing cold, I didn’t wear winter clothes only thin blouse under my coat. despite that my fingers were freezing i managed to take some photos.

Below the temple there is a little park with pond and some sakura tree, I will come again when the sakura is blooming, I bet it’ll be beautiful.
Next time when the weather is warmer I will go back again to Kyoto in daylight for better photos. I want a Good Camera now. this 2 years I always depend on my iphone for taking photos.
On our way down hill we passed the 東山 street that have one pagoda, I don’t know the name of the pagoda. this street is like an ancient Japanese street, and during march they have this  hanatouro event where they lit up the street with japanese lamp.
Plan to move to another temple, were too tired and cold. so decided to come again another day. 
I never like temple visit, but I think I’ll enjoy temple visit in Kyoto. 

Review: Nakamura Toukichi honten. It’s a Matcha Paradise

Who Doesn’t like Matcha?
Matcha is a finely milled Japanese green tea. even when I lived in Indonesia I already loved matcha. Now that I live here in Japan I feel like I’m in “Matcha Paradise”, You can easily find anything with matcha here, such as; KitKat matcha, chocolate matcha, Hagen-daz matcha, matcha cheese cake, matcha crackers and the list goes on.

Honestly I don’t know how a good matcha taste like. So far I had only visited one matcha cafe, Nana’s Green tea, this cafe is also available in Singapore if I’m not wrong. I always want to try an original Japanese matcha store. I asked my secretary for recommendation, she recommended nakamura tokichi honten. She said that this is one of the most famous matcha cafe in Japan (or Kansai)

So last saturday I decided to visit the store. The original store is uji (1,5 hours by train from Osaka), because we left Osaka at 3PM so we went to the branch store in kyoto eki.


The restaurant is located in 3F Suvaco Isetan. the entrance is very japanese style as you can see in the picture above. It is always full, The interior design is very simple with cream and matcha color.



The menu price is moderate around 500-2000 yen. The menu has many variations from matcha soba, matcha jelly, matcha cheese cake. parfait, matcha drinks, etc. I ordered a set of matcha jelly with mochi and 3 scoops of matcha ice cream



I put one scoop of ice cream into the matcha jelly and mixed it as per told by the waiter, actually she told me to put all the ice cream. I never like matcha jelly, but this one definitely changed it. the Jelly is done perfectly not too hard or too soft and the taste is bitter sweet even before i mixed it with the ice cream. I think mixing it with matcha ice cream is the best way to eat the matcha jelly. Even when I left the restaurant I still can’t forget the taste. I will definitely comeback to try the others menu.

For me this is the most delicious matcha so far, but I plan to explore more, checking another famous matcha cafe in Kyoto. For everyone who is going to visit japan/kyoto you should try this shop.