“Javanese edelweiss” is not Alps edelweiss

Kenapa saya tiba-tiba ngomong tentang bunga edelweiss?

(Flash back 15-16 tahun yang lalu)

Dulu setiap ada anak MAPALA (Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam) pulang abis naik gunung, mereka selalu bawa oleh-oleh buat saya satu ikat bunga yang mereka sebut sebagai bunga edelweiss. Katanya ini bunga abadi dan cuma ada di daerah pegunungan. Nah karena setiap anak MAPALA pulang saya selalu dikasih itu bunga, makanya saya berpikiran ini bunga pasti ga langka, ada di semua pegunungan di indonesia.

(fast forward April 2016)

Saya dan pacar lagi bahas soal rencana hiking buat bulan depan ke Alpine route japan. Teringatlah saya tentang si bunga edelweiss ini kemudian saya tanya ke pacar.

“Do you know edelweiss flower?. I remember my friends used to gave me that flower everytime they climb a mountain”

“Really? That’s an endangered plant, even in swiss alps it’s hard to find  and if you do you can not pick them”

“They’re easy to find in Indonesiaan mountain”

(2 minggu kemudian)

Karena penasaran, kemudian saya googling “edelweiss”, dan ternyata gambar bunga yang muncul beda dengan yang dulu sering dikasih teman. Setelah riset kecil-kecilan di google, ternyata dua bunga ini berbeda. bunga yang di temukan di pegunungan indonesia adalah jenis Anaphalis javanica sedangkan yang di eropa dari jenis Leontopodium alpinum. Genus nya saja sudah berbeda, mungkin karena sama-sama bunga abadi maka orang-orang indonesia menyebutnya bunga “edelweiss” juga.

Sekian laporan dari Osaka





Japan in every season

Back in my home country The Great Indonesia we only has 2 seasons in one year; summer and rainy. Here in Japan I experienced what it feels like to live in a 4 seasons country. I must say I really love it because summer, which is the hottest time of the year is very short,only 2 months (july and august) with temperature peak up in August. Imagine in Indonesia we have summer all through the year, LOL!. The color is also changing in every season. I don’t know with others countries but here in Japan i can easily notice the color and atmosphere changes.
First, Let’s start with winter. My first experienced with snow was here in Japan, the first time i experienced temperature below 0 degree Celsius. Osaka, the city where I live, winter is not so bad, the lowest temperature is only -5, and sadly snow is  very seldom in Osaka, even when it falls it’ll diasappear very soon. If you’re looking for a thick pile of snow the best place to visit is Hokkaido and Gifu. Every february there is an ice festival in Sapporo, it’ll be the best time to experience Hokkaido in winter.  One noticeable thing with winter in Japan is Illumination. You will see illumination in every city.
Then after winter come spring the season that everyone loves but me. Since I moved here to Japan, I found out that I have allergy to pollen. I have this spring skin diseases (especially on my face) that even my SK-II combo can`t help. Thanks to my secretary, she gave me a lotion from a dermatologist “hirudoid” i can fully enjoy spring.
After spring and several of rainy weeks in june and july comes summer. I come from a tropical country but i really dislike summer in Japan. I can’t stand the humidity, the rule is you go out of the house you sweat. The specialty in summer is the fireworks festival. almost every city has their own fireworks festival.
Autumn is the most beautiful season for me, the vibrant red and orange colors meet the mild temperature. Kyoto is the best for viewing the momiji leaves.
You can visit japan for all season, of course spring and autumn are the best time to visit.