2015, Japan

Japan’s hair salon experiences

Living here for almost 4 years, I  experienced the Japanese hair salon service for several times only. I do not visit hair salon very often here in Japan, unlike in Jakarta where i come from, I used to visit hair salon very often twice/month for hair treatment such as cream bath and head spa, hence my hair was really soft and nice before than now. Hair salon in japan is very expensive, to get a hair cut you have to pay minimum 3500 yen. Their service is very good, you’d come out of the salon with a very nicely done hair.

Although it is very expensive, most of the salons offers 20-30% discount for first time customer. There are so many hair salon here, just come to a different salon every time you want to get a hair care. Another way is you can get an online discount coupon from hot pepper.

I only have one problem with the hair salon in japan; they never get it right with my bangs. The first time i visited a salon they gave me a japanese bangs, which i hate the most. But i finally find a hair salon with an artist that know exactly how i want my bangs to be. I end up become a regular to this salon. The hair salon named FURUSHO turns out to be the best salon group in kansai area, and i should mention that it is also famous for being expensive.

I have to mention either about how superb is the customer service here. One time i went to the hair salon (FURUSHO) to get a hair perm but after two days the perm disappered. So, i called them and explain and they told me to come and they will repair the perm for free. I came to the salon aa scheduled by them and it was the salon senior artist that repaired my perm. He repaired it very nicely , using a longer pipe for the curls. I was really satisfied with the result. I paid 13000¥ for hair perm, it is expensive.

I will come to the salon again once my curls disappear. I’m lazy to have curls my hair with iron curl every morning before work.

That’s my experience with japan hair salon. For next post i will write about nail salon.


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