2015, Japan, phdlife

Friends visit

March has been a very busy and fun for me. Several of my friends from Indonesia cama to visit me this month. Sure march ls not the best season to visit Japan, the famous sakura has not bloomed yet not to mention the rain that often come in every seasonal changing.

On march 12th they arrived in Osaka. I was happy to see them again after two years. They complained about the cold temperature after they breath the japan fresh air. I told them before that in march the temperature already warm around 15-20 degree. But this year temperature a little bit off than the usual. In march the temp was like 2-10 degree.
Anyway after arriving at my place, they rested for half day. At night we went to the famous tourist spot in Osaka “dotomburi”. We also took the famous rakugaki photo “purikura”
The second day, the destination is Kyoto.a little bit off the schedule, because i had to go to the lab for some experiment. For the second day we visited the “fushimi inari shrine”. Famous for it thousand red gates.
From fushimi inari shrine we went to the “pholosopher’s path” near the ginkakuji. It was a disappointment since the sakura has not bloomed yet the path looked really dull. We just spent like 5 minutes there then we continued to “kawaramchi-gion” the area where tourist flocks together. They shoped a lot here. A lit of sweets and also souvenirs.
Third day we strolled around Osaka. First stop is Osaka castle. We got to see the plum blossoms at Osaka castle
From Osaka castle we went straight to Umeda for another “oleh-oleh” shopping. Then after shopping at 5pm we went to Umeda sky building to see the sunset at 6PM. Cold winds and cloudy clouds, it was not possible to see the sunset. 
Fourth day, we visited Kyoto again. “Kinkakuji” was our first spot. I forget how many times i’ve been to this golden pavilion, but still it amazed me every time i visit this temple. The Golden pavilion just beautiful 
From Kinkakuji we went to “kyoumizudera” then  off to “arashiyama”. I visited arashiyama two years ago in autumn and it was really beautiful, in march it was really dull. My friends said she disappointed with the bamboo path because its different from the photo that she saw.
Last day we went to Kobe. I am sure there are a lot of tourist spots in kobe but i only been to one which is “harborland”. We spent half day in kobe before went back to Osaka.
In the end at 6pm our journey ended. It’s time for them to take the bus to the airport. They bought a lot of things. I hope they really enjoyed Japan. For me it was such a pleasure and happy time spent with friends. Completely forgoy with my brain damaging experiments 
Now i go back to the lab…working hard for my phd.

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