2015 first post

It’s been one year since my last post in this blog. I’ve been posting on my other blog. I promised to make this blog as a my blog to reviewed my make up and skincare products, but I change my mind. I decided this blog will mostly be about my life as a phd student, my struggling with my research life, my social life and maybe some romance.

this is my 3rd year living in Japan, what’s new for me in 2015?. well I find a new object of my affection, but I am not so sure about my feeling for him. He’s been filling my days since October 2014, but we started dating intensely from december. I am not so sure about him, I enjoy spending time with him, I am okay with his physical appearance too, but it just there is something about him that cannot make me fully trust him. well I decided to take a leap of faith, give him the benefit of the doubt and see how this one ends.

About my study, I hope I might be able to publish one paper this year. My HBV project still shows no progress and my sensei is considering to cancel this project. So far everything goes well with my study. we are expecting new student this April.

Anyway, I’ll try to write more stories about my life in this blog


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