The story of me and my ipad

So last year’s spring I bought myself an ipad as a present for accepted as a phd student in Osaka University. The objectives of was for it’d make it easier for me to read scientific journal inside the lab or at the lounge. As usual I dressed my ipad in red ipad cover which I just realized it was really expensive back then (Damn, what was I thinking when I bought that ipad cover). it was functioned as it was meant to for a couple of weeks, LOL!!! Yes I only use it to read journal for a couple of weeks, after that i just print my journal and bring it to the lounge to read it.
If I don’t use it to read journal, then what did I use it for?. I use it to play games yes mobile games. and browsing mostly, since my laptop that I put in the office is my old one(it is very slow even for browsing). I find out that brwsing on ipad is very convenient than on iphone. bigger screen, easier tabs and faster.
6 months later I felt a little bit of regret with my ipad, since I only use it for browsing and playing games, which i can do all of that with my iphone. I pay quite a lot for the monthly service, almost at the same price of my iphone. I really hate my ipad at that time, I felt like cancelling it, but then I have to pay 50.000 yen if I want to cancel the contract. I even made a mental note that when the contract is over I will not extended it. Now I really enjoy my ipad, fully use it for journal reading, taking notes during meeting, and browsing. Though i should’ve just bought the wifi version since i rarely use it outside school and home.
Anyway I don’t regret that I applied for ipad. 

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