A visit to Higashiyama kyoto, Hanatouro (花灯路) event

Yesterday I visited one of the famous お寺(temple) in Kyoto which is 清水寺(kiyomizudera). This is a Buddhist temple  and one of UNESCO world heritage. This temple is known for its large veranda where you can get to see the city of Kyoto from its veranda, you can even spot Kyoto Tower from here. But I was unlucky yesterday, because the pagoda and some of the veranda are still under-maintenance. The view is breathtakingly amazing from the veranda, it’d be more amazing in Autumn I think. the other bad luck that happened yesterday was the temperature. we are supposed to be entering the spring this month but yesterday night the  temperature is drop to 4 degree. I was freezing cold, I didn’t wear winter clothes only thin blouse under my coat. despite that my fingers were freezing i managed to take some photos.

Below the temple there is a little park with pond and some sakura tree, I will come again when the sakura is blooming, I bet it’ll be beautiful.
Next time when the weather is warmer I will go back again to Kyoto in daylight for better photos. I want a Good Camera now. this 2 years I always depend on my iphone for taking photos.
On our way down hill we passed the 東山 street that have one pagoda, I don’t know the name of the pagoda. this street is like an ancient Japanese street, and during march they have this  hanatouro event where they lit up the street with japanese lamp.
Plan to move to another temple, were too tired and cold. so decided to come again another day. 
I never like temple visit, but I think I’ll enjoy temple visit in Kyoto. 

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