Review: Nakamura Toukichi honten. It’s a Matcha Paradise

Who Doesn’t like Matcha?
Matcha is a finely milled Japanese green tea. even when I lived in Indonesia I already loved matcha. Now that I live here in Japan I feel like I’m in “Matcha Paradise”, You can easily find anything with matcha here, such as; KitKat matcha, chocolate matcha, Hagen-daz matcha, matcha cheese cake, matcha crackers and the list goes on.

Honestly I don’t know how a good matcha taste like. So far I had only visited one matcha cafe, Nana’s Green tea, this cafe is also available in Singapore if I’m not wrong. I always want to try an original Japanese matcha store. I asked my secretary for recommendation, she recommended nakamura tokichi honten. She said that this is one of the most famous matcha cafe in Japan (or Kansai)

So last saturday I decided to visit the store. The original store is uji (1,5 hours by train from Osaka), because we left Osaka at 3PM so we went to the branch store in kyoto eki.

The restaurant is located in 3F Suvaco Isetan. the entrance is very japanese style as you can see in the picture above. It is always full, The interior design is very simple with cream and matcha color.

The menu price is moderate around 500-2000 yen. The menu has many variations from matcha soba, matcha jelly, matcha cheese cake. parfait, matcha drinks, etc. I ordered a set of matcha jelly with mochi and 3 scoops of matcha ice cream

I put one scoop of ice cream into the matcha jelly and mixed it as per told by the waiter, actually she told me to put all the ice cream. I never like matcha jelly, but this one definitely changed it. the Jelly is done perfectly not too hard or too soft and the taste is bitter sweet even before i mixed it with the ice cream. I think mixing it with matcha ice cream is the best way to eat the matcha jelly. Even when I left the restaurant I still can’t forget the taste. I will definitely comeback to try the others menu.

For me this is the most delicious matcha so far, but I plan to explore more, checking another famous matcha cafe in Kyoto. For everyone who is going to visit japan/kyoto you should try this shop.


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