Fashion and Beauty blogging

Hmmm…I decided, I will start to make a post about  make up or skin care product that I used. been into several brand recently, and i kinda like it.

well hopefully if i made a lot of review, they will send me some of their new release :p

Let’s wait for my first beauty post


Happy New Year Post

I’ve been neglected this Blog for a long  time. Not a regular blogger to begin with. Another year has passed and it was a great year for me. I gained a lot of experiences in 2013. learned how to handle the Japanese in my lab, I tried to enjoy japan more than before. lost love and new love also came in 2013.  

what do I expect in 2014?

I never have new year resolution. I don’t like to make resolution that will fail on the second week. but I do have wishes that i want to fulfill in 2014,

One, I want a red Bag !!!…hahahaha something to fuel my obsession. Speaking of my obsession with red things, I was able to suppressed this obsession on the first half of 2013, but by the 2nd half of 2013 it resurfaced again. 

Two, I want to go to Dubai. Yes Dubai, UAE. never wanted to visit middle east country before, because i thought that they apply shiah rules very strict. I’m afraid that I might violated the rules and get myself into trouble there. but my friend went to Dubai last year and she said it’s really beautiful and breathtakingly amazing. and I want to do Sky diving while in Dubai, its better to skydive in Dubai instead of Hyogo,at least the view will be the Palm Jumeirah and the instructor speaks English.

Three, Europe (London, Paris & Rome). London is on top of the list of cities i must visit before I die. I know its crazy to visit UAE and Europe in one year. but at least one has to come true :D.

Other, i want to work harder with my research. I myself know that I haven’t given my best yet. Last year too much distractions appeared (mostly family matters) that made it hard for me to focus on my research and my life. I will work insanely hard this year, beside I see light shine on my results before holiday last year :D.

Dear Love, we both know the problem is there and we don’t overlooked it. The difference that can’t be settled. I’m not a religious person but one thing I know for sure is that I will not change my beliefs. I’m not too keen with religious man, yet i don’t know why i started with you who still go to church every week.

That’s all i have for this new year :D. 

I’ll try to post frequently this year. Been liking tumblr recently, its so benri. You can post blog, picture and video.

Happy new Year Everyone