L’s BRAVO Viewtiful review

Finally today I received my copy of L’s Bravo viewtiful

was hesitating to pre-order but decided to purchase anyway. would like to share some of my favorite photo from the book. the book is covered in L’s Favorite colour: BLACK. it’s around 200 pages. it comes with 7 post cards, DVD and notepad.

The photo of sunggyu below is the main reason why i finally decided to purchase the essay book. I like the way sunggyu look in the pic. giving a sexy vibe


Osaka Eki

Osaka Station

Yup…Osaka the city where I live now.  I like the expression Dongwoo give here. Just dongwoo being dongwoo.


The White town is My most favorite photo.. well done Myungsoo

overall the book is good, for a starter like L. You can feel the pure and sincere feeling he poured into the book through the story behind the photo. oh…i bought the japanese version one since its language friendly for me.


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