A new member in my Apple family

I’m not Apple fanboy, but I admit it that quality based Apple is the best.
My first Apple gadget is my iPod touch which is a gift from someone. Then when I start live in Japan I get myself an iPhone. Actually I preferred galaxy SII at that time, but money wise iPhone is cheaper than Samsung.

One year after that, I want to get myself a tablet. I really want galaxy note 10.1 but unfortunately it is not make it into Japan market. Don’t know why, but I think for tablet the market leader here is Apple.Their market share is about 60%. Galaxy tab was on my wish list too, but after comparing I found out iPad is better. I think Samsung now is focusing on the note series. So finally last night I made contract for iPad. Quite satisfied with the quality. I just to buy a commercial stylus then my iPad become note 10.1

This is my first post from my new iPad. Still hasn’t give a name to my iPad. Snow White is my iPod then iPhone is kuroBlack. Hmmmm…. White rabbit?



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