What’s your Gift?

Talk about gift, first I don’t think i have any gift except for the ability to sense spirits, which I refuse to call it as a gift, because I guess it just something created from my paranoia.

but today I was chit-chatting with former co-worker about other co-worker *XOXO~~Gossip girl is here* . W talked about how skillful she is in getting the attention of the opposite gender. I said to my friend it must be her gift, because the way she does it look natural.and give a point for her beautiful face that made all the male fall for her. but my friend insisted that she just know how to maximized her assets to get the male’s attention. well I can’t argue with that because my friend knows her longer than me.

But then I said to her, If only I have that kind of gift or skill or whatever it is that she posses. and then she said “You do  posses one gift that related to male”. I was confused, “really?”. She said “A gift to identify whether he is a good boy or a bad boy”. “you never fall for a bad guy, the reason for your break up is always about you who can’t commit, it was never because of third person”

I think about it thoroughly and i have to agree with her. If I met a man, by just observing his gestures I can find out whether he is a good man or playboy and i would step away from him if my guts tell me he is a bad boy and later I was proven right. 

I never experienced break up because of a third person. it was always me who get bored or incompatibility problem. and stil I would not call it a ‘gift’ , it’s just an instinct.